Starting this blog I am hoping to document a personal journey on building a lifestyle that suits me.  And if anyone wants to come along…well the more the merrier….and welcome!

I will explore different aspects of living.  From decorative gardening right down to kitchen gardening. Home renovations and décor. Achieve, accomplish and simply become aware of emergency preparation in my home, car and for any emergency evacuation if it came down to it. Family life and living.  And of course, the key ingredient in life is living and building an achievable $$ budget….not always an easy task!


I am born, breed and raised city girl, but have country living deep in my blood. I have made the decision to leave the city and buy a small hobby farm.  I know nothing of raising chickens, but want a whole coop full of them. Maybe have a couple of horses out in the field.   Explore an off the grid lifestyle.  Build a garden, plant a couple of seeds and watch them grown.

Join me as I start my a new country living journey. Join me as I start building a life!